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Mercedes-benz c-class new special edition models listed on April 17, Europe

Date:2014-03-26 15:30:38

  Recently, with overseas media exposure the Mercedes c-class new Edition 1 the details of the special Edition models, it is the first of its kind in the mercedes-benz c-class new special Edition models, has certain improvement in appearance, will be on April 17, went on sale in European market.   

New car than planetary-boundaries Mercedes c-class normal models have a variety of special body color, use the 19-inch wheels and on car show that special Edition 1 badge.   

The use of the interior of the new car will be a lot of Nappa leather material, the seat will use spell color style, the steering wheel will also take a more apparent movement of AMG sports steering wheel.   

Editorial comment on: the car will likely won't appear in the domestic market, several optimization let it appear different, the details of the offers like mercedes-benz c-class consumer experience. And in the domestic market, extended version of the c-class will be listed in the second half, compared with the big wheels, leather seats, special identity, back row space, and can move sale price is the key to Chinese consumers.

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