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Talent concept
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Talents are the fundament of enterprise's development and the fundament of the competition.ADD Industry treat talents as the first resource,relies on talent as a fundamental prerequisite for the enterprise's development, respects talents as a fundamental criterion for enterprise's development,and promotes common development of enterprise and employees as a fundamental task of the human resources strategy.In HR practice activities,ADD Industry is good at providing full development stage for all types of personnel to display their talent,making best use of talents,giving full play of talents.Meanwhile,through a variety of effective ways,ADD Industry has continuously improved the level of corporate HR management and talent comprehensive quality,promoted the common development of enterprise and employees,and allowed employees to share business development results and achieve common development.

Moral is the first priority,ability the second

“Moral is the first priority”is the theorem always recognized worldwide,it is the prerequisite for teamwork spirit,it is the guarantee for enterprise long-term development,it is the guarantee for enterprise long-term development,it is the fundamental for creating elite.ADD Industry treats and uses talents based on the principle of “Moral is the first priority,ability the second”,creates positive circumstances and atmosphere for employees and in turn,makes them love job,love work,be loyal to the enterprise,and makes them build the concept of collectivism for consciously contributing to the enterprise and sense of responsibility;mutual respect and mutual love,maintaining the company harmoniously solidarity.

Make best uses of talents ,give full play of talents

ADD Industry adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy,amasses talents with broad development prospects,motivate people with a wonderful career goals.Trough the establishment of a scientific and effective talented mechanism and the creation of a positive growth environment for the talents,ADD Industry is committed to providing every employee a stage to display their talent,and by constantly creating personal development opportunities,ADD Industry makes all kinds of talents have the opportunities and platforms for success and self-worth achievement. Talking about employing,ADD Industry insists on the concept of respecting talent,respecting creation,not just on educational background but real abilities,not just diploma but skills,mainly focusing on performance,ability and potentiality.Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a fine cultural environment,employees are fully mobilized for the enthusiasm,initiative and creativity,so that employees love their job and do their best;people fit the positions and things fit its people.Make best use of talents,give full play of talents.

People-oriented,caring talents

ADD Industry insists on the concept of people-oriented,caring talents.ADD Industry values employees'individuality and pursuit,encourages them to improve their ability,identifies their achievements,cares for employees for their comprehensive development on material and spiritual culture,and actively carries out various activities beneficial to employee's physical and mental health,improves staffs to establish positive ownership spirit.While adhering to the concept of sharing the development results with employees,focusing on the interests of both enterprises and employees,promote unity and cooperation of enterprises and employees,work together to create and share value,and ultimately achieve common development and share successful win-win situation of employees and enterprises.

Common development and sharing success

Enterprise couldn't be successful without the efforts of employees;employees couldn't succeed without the success of enterprise.Growing together and common development of employees and enterprises is the talent development scheme that ADD Industry has consistently adhered to.Employees have been encouraged to combine their own development with enterprise's long-term planning,and employees have been provided with a variety of ways for growth and models for development.As the platform for employee's self-development,improvement and value realization,ADD Industry strive for everyemployee to create favorable conditions for growth,to provide a broad space for development,so that employees can play the greatest potential,get a sense of security,a sense of belonging,a sense of accomplishment and life indemnification,and fully mobilized to achieve self-life values.Achieve common development of employees and enterprises,committed to building a comprehensive talent team fully with passionate,professional,operational and hardworking employees,establish fine enterprise image and employee personal image.